BizBox Addons

Make your BizBox account more powerful. BizBox offers to you much more than the default applications. In case you need extended accounting, more File Manager storage, partner portal, photobank, management for your own stock, abandoned carts monitoring and more, please feel free to contact us. This help-site is used to introduce all addons that can be added to your account.

Abandoned Carts Addon

Abandoned Carts addon adds to your account the Abandoned Carts applications:

  • Abandoned Carts in the Sales module allows you to display all abandoned carts from your online stores.

  • Abandonment Rate in the Reports module.

  • Abandoned Carts in the Reports module.

In the Abandonments Carts application (located in the Sales module) you can find the available data for all abandoned carts from your online store. The Abandonment Rate and Abandoned Carts applications (Reports) displays the data harvested through the Abandonment Carts application in a well formed graph.

Accounting Addon

Accounting addon is used to make your accounting agenda more comfortable. It adds 4 applications to the Sales module:

  • Invoices - this application displays all invoices generated in your account. You can work with them, display them, mark them as checked and download them (in the PDF ot Pohoda XML format). You are able to work with (and downloads) multiple records at once.

  • Proforma Invoices - this application displays all proforma invoices generated in your account. You can work with them, display them, mark them as checked and download them (in the PDF ot Pohoda XML format). You are able to work with (and downloads) multiple records at once.

  • Credit Notes - this application displays all credit notes generated in your account. You can work with them, display them, mark them as checked and download them (in the PDF ot Pohoda XML format). You are able to work with (and downloads) multiple records at once.

  • Refunded Payments - there are stored all refunded payments. They are created automatically in case of a refunded order but you can create them manually too. For example if you need to refund payment that has been higher than a required total order amount.

Aukro Addon

Aukro addon allows you to sell your products in the external Aukro channel.

It adds 2 applications:

  • Delivery Services Mapping (in the Administration module) which allows you to define particular delivery methods that can your aukro customers use.

  • Aukro (in the Sales module) which allows you to define and generate particular offers and publish them on the Aukro portal.

Together with these applications, the Aukro settings are available in the Account Settings application in the Administration module.

Balíkobot Addon

Balíkobot addon allows you to use the Balíkobot service in your BizBox admin. This service is used to export order from your online store and import them to a information systems of particular delivery services (with labels printing and imported data control).

This service is paid and you need to have an account here in order to be able to connect Balíkobot with BizBox.

In the Account Settings you will provide API Username, API Key and Test API Key. After that you can go to a particular delivery service settings and turn on the Balíkobot. It this delivery service can be used with Balíkobot, the Delivery Service tab will be displayed. In the Connection Service setting please select the Balíkobot option.

Cash Register Addon

The Cash Register addon allows you to create cash registed orders - you can easily sell in (retail) store. It is used for selling in person.

With this addon, 2 applications in the Sales module will be available:

  • Cash Register Orders - in this application particular cash register orders are created and available to edition and evidence.

  • Cash Register Amounts - in this application the daily reporst are available - daily amount for credit card and cash payment methods.

There are significant changes in the E-shop Settings application - you can select a new type - Cash Register. It is necessary to create new e-shop settings (Cash Register type) in order to create cash register orders.

Claim Attachment Addon

Claim Attachment addon allows you and your customers to upload image attachments directly to a partiuclar claim (order).

With this addon a new tab Attachments will be available for every claim detail. It means that you will be able to add and display attachments in BizBox. Your customers will be able to uplad image attachments on the website (in their user profile). To make this feature available, you need to change your website - add a new page for list of claims and another one for a detail of a particular claim. For more info about this changes please visit related help-site.

Customer Alerts Addon

Customer Alerts addon allows your customers to provide their e-mail address in order to be informed about a particular product stock availability. The e-mail will be send automaticaly to your customers when the products they are interested in become available.

With this addon a new application Customer Alerts will be available in the Products module. Here are be all customer allerts displayed; it allows you to manage customer allerts (add new or edit existing).

To make this feature work you have to insert a widget into the product detail code. For more info please visit the Customer Alerts form documentation.

External Stock Addon

Exernal Stock addon enables the option to add and configure external stock services for Inhouse BizBox Stock Service.

Extra Entities Addon

Extra Entities addon allows you to use the Extra Entities application in the Products module. Extra entities are special entities with multiple linkage to a product. Unlike brands, manufacturers or product variants, a product can have assigned ad many extra entities as you need. A typical example is an author (one book can have many authors).

Extra Items Addon

Extra Items addon allows you to use Extra Items on orders. Extra items are text items on the order, which act like products, but cannot be sent to stock (you are unable to work with their stock condition). They are not linked to the product catalog.

File Sources Addon

File Sources addon allows you to use an external file source (such as Amazon S3). Files uploaded to this external file source can be used in the product catalog (products or products categories).

Within this addon the File Sources application (located in the Administration module) will be available. Subsequently, you can work with a particular external file source in a product or product category edition. It works quite similarly to the File Manager.

Inhouse Stock Management

Inhouse Stock Management addon allows you to use your own stocks to manage the stock supplies of your products. In BizBox you can use 2 types of stocks:

  • An external stock service such as Geis or ComGate

  • Your own stock which allows you to manage the whole process from receipt to the successful order dispatch (Inhouse Stock Management)

Inhouse Stock Management adds these applications to you account:

  • Receipts (Products module) is used to create receipts - it allows you to receive products on the stock

  • Issues (Products module) is used to create issues - it allows you to issue products from the stock

  • Transfers (Products module) is used to create transfers - it allows you to transfer products from one of your stocks to another

  • Suppliers (Products module) is used to create suppliers - legal entities or people which are responsible for the supply of products

  • Scheduled Deliveries (Products module) is used to manage future deliveries (you want to let you customers now when will be particular products on stock)

This application is not available automatically for all accounts, you need to have the Inhouse Stock Management addon allowed on your account.

MailChimp Addon

The MailChimp Addon is used in case you wish to automatically add every user or registered customer to one of your MailChimp Lists. In other words: every time a visitor to your website sends a registration or checkout form, the provided e-mail address will be inserted into the MailChimp List.

You are also able to synchronize contacts from a newsletter list to your MailChimp List (you need to know the List ID which is set in the newsletter edition).

If you want to use this feature, go to the Administration module and run the Account Settings application. Locate the MailChimp section and insert information about your MailChimp add-on. Required information (API Key, Mailing List ID and so on) are available in your MailChimp account.

This information will be used automatically and globally on your websites, in every registration and checkout form. In case you set up the MailChimp settings in the form itself, this information will be used in preference to the Add-on settings. It means that if you leave the MailChimp settings parameters in particular form blank, information from the MailChimp Add-on (from the Account Settings) will be used. If you define them specially in the form itself, the form’s MailChimp information will be used.

Order Attachments Addon

Addon Order Attachments allows your customers to upload multiple files (attachments) and assign comments (additional information) to particular products or to an order as a whole. To make this work you have to use the Cart Attachments form.

Within this addon, your customers can define 4 types of information. All of them are defined on the same page that contains the Cart Attachments form:

  • Order attachment is a file uploaded by a customer that is assigned to an order as a whole.

  • Order additional info is a word description connected to whole order.

  • Product attachment is a file uploaded by a customer that is assigned to a particular product or products because this addon allows customers to assign one file to more products.

  • Product additional info is a word description connected to a particular product (or products).

Attachments and additional info are assigned to products (or order as a whole) on one special page. Customers are also able to assign one file (attachment) to more products at once. You have to create a new page that contains the Cart Attachments form used to upload attachments and additional info, or you can insert this form in your checkout (to the cart page for example).

There are also some changes in the BizBox Admin. In the Sales module there is a new tab named Attachments available in the Orders application. Here all attachments and additional information which were added through the Cart Attachments form are displayed. On the Products tab, it can be seen if a particular product has some attachments assigned to it or additional info. If you click the small attachment icon that indicates that an attachment has been added, the Attachments tab will be displayed. You can see additional info and download uploaded files.

Order Subscription Addon

Order Subscription addon allows your customers to create subscription orders. Subscription order is periodically created according to its product’s settings (subscription period setting).

Within this addon subscription orders can be created. The subscription period is defined on particular product on the Advanced tab. Here the Period setting is available.

If an order contains a product with the period setting, it will be automatically marked as a parent order. From this order will be next subscription order automatically created according to the period settings of a product it contains (the subscription order itself will be created 3 days earlier).

Partner Addon

Partner addon allows you to create a Partner Portal on your website. It is mostly used in the B2B transactions, because partners can make purchases for special prices you define for every level of your partner. You can also define agreements, to which has your website visitors agree in order to became your partners. Different payment and delivery methods which can be used in the checkout can also be defined for a partner. A special payment method Purchase on Invoice can be implemented together with the upper limit for which this payment method can be used.

This addon is used when you want to work with Managers, Partners and Partner Tiers. This is used in the B2B sales, because for every Partner different price rules can be defined. Managers are customers (Contacts) that are assigned to a Company. This Company is assigned to a Partner and this Partner belongs to a Partner Tier. The Partner Tier defines the price rules.

  • Voucher is a unique code that is inserted in the checkout process to create a sale. Vouchers are not applied globally (to all customers) but only to those who have a particular Voucher and add it during checkout.

  • Discount is used globally for all customers. You are able to restrict its effect by Conditions (you can define that only customers from particular Country can use the Discount), but then (only if a customer meets the conditions) it is applied automatically. Customers don’t have to insert a voucher code or do anything else.

  • Partner Portal is used in B2B transactions. You define Tiers (sales) and customers, to whom this sale will be applied. As for Discounts, sales caused by Partner Tier are also applied automatically. If a customer who belongs to a Tier signs into your store, all prices are changed according to the sales set up for particular Tier to which the customer belongs.

Apart from prices, you can also restrict or add different payment and delivery methods, which only particular partners can use.

Photobank Addon

Photobank Addon is used in when want to sell digital images on your online store. It provides a full support beginning with the uploading of images and ending with their final download by a customer. The process of purchasing can be fully automatized and the only thing you need to do is to upload the images and create the album.

Particular images can be represented with automatically generated thumbnails - you are selling the source (original) images, which means you should not display them on your website in their original form. Thumbnails can be generated as a smaller forms of the originals or they can also contain a watermark.

This addon activates the Photobank module and the Photoalbum Component.

Photobank module

Photobank module is used to create particular albums that are available for your online store. Albums are similar to the Product Category Tree. It is a hierarchical structure of albums, which contains purchasable images. As a source for these images the File Manager or external service Amazon S3 can be used. In case you want to use the Amazon S3 storage, please contact us for more information and help with set up. Images sources (and their thumbnails) are not stored in the Photobank module.

Photoalbum component

Photoalbum component is a web page that allows your customers to buy images from albums created in the Photobank module. It is very similar to the other components. It displays the hierarchy of albums (taken from the Photobank module), particular album content (list of images from one album), details of a particular image and search results.

Product Bundle

This addon allows you to create product bundles - collections of previously created products that are represented as one.

In the Products (Products module) can be a new bundle created.

Protected Files Addon

Protected Files Addon allows you to work with user permissions in the File Manager module. Thanks to it you can restrict the displaying (download) of some files and folders only to particular users

Purchase Volume Discounts Addon

Purchase Volume Discounts Addon makes the Partner Tier and Purchase Volume Discounts applications available in your account. It is used for automatic assignment of partner tier to a customer according to his/her order amount for defined number of last days.

For example, if a customer’s amount of paid orders for last 45 days is 100 EUR, a partner tier with 10 % sale will be automatically assigned to him/her.

Shipments Addon

Shipments addon allows you to use the Shipments application that is located in the Sales module. It serves as a delivery (shipment) management for particular orders that need to be manually resolved (packed and dispatched to the carrier) by you.

This addon also creates a new module Stocks and Shipments which can be used (is visible) only for the users with roles Stock operator and Administrator assigned.

This module contains Stocks and Shipments applications. You can create a special user, who is responsible only for dispatching orders and management of your stocks.

Stock Product Batch addon

Stock Product Batch addon allows you to work with product batch and expiration dates. When you receive a product on the stock, it is possible to enter its batch as well as the expiration date of the batch.

The batch can then be displayed on the product detail (tab Stock) and on the Stock detail (including export option).

For orders, products with the lowest expiry date are issued first.

Supplier Orders addon

Supplier Orders addon allows you to work with supplier orders on your account. With this addon a new application Supplier Orders in the Sales module is available.

Special Settings

BizBox offers some special settings that extend the functionality of particular applications. These settings are not a part of the basic BizBox account and they have to be turned on by our support-team.

Orders - Check the Stock Quantity

This setting can be available in the Orders application in case you are using stocks and stock supplies.

It is used to check the current stock supplies for products from the order (or orders) which you want to send to the stock using the Send to Stock button. In case there is a product (or more products) which stock condition is inappropriate, a warning window will be displayed. This window contains information about particular unavailable product together with its code, current stock supply, number of reserved products and total balance.

As a default this check is turned off and all orders are send to the stock without the supply check.

There are 2 modifications of this check:

  1. Order with insufficient stock quantity cannot be send to stock. The window is displayed, but you are unable to send this order to stock (only the OK button is available as the only response to this window).

  2. Order with insufficient stock quantity can be send to stock. The window is displayed and you can decide, if you really want to send this order (or orders) to the stock.