Supplier Orders

Supplier Orders is an application located in the Sales module. It is available on accounts with the Supplier Orders addon only.

Supplier Orders application allows you to create and manage orders for your suppliers. Supplier orders are typically created from customer orders (from which they are created based on ordered products and their suppliers).

Create a New Supplier Order

The following applies:

  • the product price in the supplier order is the purchase price of the product (it is taken from the product detail, not from the receipt).

  • if the purchase price on the product is not filled in, zero is displayed.

  • for one customer order, supplier order can be created only once (you can delete existing supplier orders and create them again).

  • one customer order can be divided into multiple supplier orders (according to the suppliers set for the customer order’s products).

  • the delivery address of the supplier order is taken from the first customer order from which is the supplier order created.

  • the customer’s note of the supplier order is taken from the first customer order from which is the supplier order created.

New supplier orders are typically created from selected customer orders.

For supplier orders created from customer orders the following applies:

  • a new supplier order is created for each supplier from the products on the source customer order(s).

  • for products that do not have a defined supplier (on the customer order) one supplier order for ‘non-supplier’ products is created.

  • branch settings which are required for supplier orders are taken from the customer order.


Suppliers for products can be set in the Products application (in the Products module) on the first General tab in the Supplier field. The list of available suppliers can be managed in the Suppliers application in the Products module.

Create Supplier Order from the Orders Application

Use the CTRL / SHIFT key and the mouse click to mark several orders (for which you want to create supplier orders) in the Orders order list in the Sales module. Then click the Create Supplier Orders button in the toolbar and confirm your choice. This will create supplier order/orders in the Supplier Order application.

The information that a supplier order already exists for a customer order can be found in:

  • List of all orders (Order application) where the Supplier Order column is available (value YES/NO).

  • Order detail - General tab, where all supplier orders connected to the order are listed.

  • Order detail - Log tab, where information about connected supplier orders can be found.

Create Supplier Order from the Supplier Orders Application

You can also create supplier orders directly from the Supplier Orders application. Click New -> New from Orders. A window will open; in the left part will be located list of all customer orders, for which a new supplier order can be created. Select particular orders and move them to the right side of the window.Supplier orders will be created for customer orders that you move to the right side of the window.

Manual Creation of a Supplier Order

Supplier orders can also be created manually regardless of existing customer orders. In the Supplier Orders application in the Sales module click the New button and select New Supplier Order. Select a supplier (this list is obtained from the Products module from the Suppliers application, where all suppliers from the account are listed; you can also assign such vendors to individual products). The selected vendor affects the offer of products that will be available when creating the supplier order - you will only find those products that have been assigned to the selected supplier. If you do not select a supplier, inly products that do not have a supplier will be available for such order.

The Branch defines which brand from your account will be used as a ‘customer’ for the supplier order. Branch data will be taken from the Branch settings in the Administration module. Currency defines the currency of the supplier order.

For more information on manual supplier order creation, see the supplier order editing section, as it is essentially the same as creating a new supplier order.

Supplier Order Editing

It is also possible to edit the supplier order. Manual supplier order creation os the same as editing an existing supplier order. To edit a supplier order, select it in the Supplier Orders application and click the Edit button. A new window will appear.


You can also add an order number and an invoice number from the supplier to the supplier order.

On the first General tab are located information about the supplier and shipping address (which is where the supplier should send products from the order). Supplier information is taken from the supplier settings in the Products module in the Suppliers application. Shipping address is taken from the first order for which is the supplier order created.

The Branch tab contains information about the customer (= your branch). These information are taken from the settings of the selected branch (you can add a name of the person which is responsible for this supplier order).

On the third Items tab, the ordered products are available. You can edit them, delete them or add new. Product are searched from your product catalog by code, name or EAN. Only products that have the same supplier as the edited/created supplier order are available.


If you have the Extra Items addon available on your account, you can add items that are not based on the product catalog to the supplier order.

Work with a Supplier Order

In the supplier order detail are available following buttons:

  • Edit opens the edit window.

  • Delete deletes the supplier order.

  • Close closes the supplier order.

  • Send E-mail opens a new window with supplier e-mail settings. In the Select Template field select the appropriate supplier e-mail template. You can edit the template in the Website Editor in the Templates application. PDF files with information about the given supplier order will be automatically attached to the e-mail (for more information on these PDF’s please see below). You can freely edit the e-mail and add additional attachments to is. The e-mail language is taken from the supplier settings (Suppliers application; Products module). If the language is not set, your default account language will be used instead.

  • E-mail Settings button is hidden under the small arrow next to the Send E-mail button. Here you will add templates for e-mails, which will be then available in the e-mail send selection window (the Select Template field) and the sender information.

In the supplier order detail are available following tabs:

  • General tab where you can find basic information about the supplier order; supplier’s and customer’s address, creation date, condition and also estimated price of the supplier calculated from the purchase prices of the products.

  • Items tab where you can find products of this supplier order. Expected product prices are set by the purchase price of the products.

  • Documents tab where you can generate PDF files for the supplier order. It is important that templates for both of the available PDF documents are set on the account:

    • PDF if the supplier order

    • PDF of the supplier order packing list

    You can find/create/edit these templates in the Website Editor module in the Templates application. These PDF are also automatically attached to the e-mail that you can send to the supplier using the Send E-mail button. To correctly generate these PDFs, it is also necessary to have their document sequences set up (in the Administration module in the Document Sequences application).

  • Orders tab where you will find a list of orders whose products are part of this supplier otder. If no order is listed here, it is a manually created supplier order (without ties to customer orders).

  • Log tab where you can find the supplier order editing records.

In the Supplier Orders application, buttons are available in addition to the standard control buttons:

  • Export using the button you can export data about the supplier orders (the format is determined by the template which has to be previously defined in the Exports application in the Administration module, typically XML, XLSX or CSV). Our support will be happy to help you set up your template or edit it.

  • Received button marks the order as received; it is an evidence and no more actions are linked to clicking this button.

  • Cancel button marks the order as canceled; it is an evidence and no other actions are linked to clicking this button.

  • Supplier Order button displays PDF supplier order (remember that a template must be set for this type of document as well as its document sequence).