Registration E-mail

Account e-mails are not necessary for your online store. Your customers can successfully shop only with the two customer’s e-mail types (Order Confirmation E-mail and Purchase Confirmation E-mail). But in case you want to provide your customers with their own profile, a list of previous orders and features like saving of favourite goods, you should also define the account e-mails together with the particular pages and the right forms which allow you to create the user’s (customer’s) profile.

Registration E-mail is automatically sent to a visitor of your online store who completes a registration through the Registration form (widget). This e-mail should contain basic promotional info about your website, user’s login, name and sign-in information. For more info about available data see the Registration E-mail Parameters.

There is a condition you have to fulfil in order to use this e-mail successfully: use a Registration form (widget) on your website because otherwise your visitor will not be able to register.

In the Templates application you define only a template. You are not able to determine the sending of it here. The sending is defined in the Website Editor in the Security application.

  1. Code an E-mail Template for Registration E-mail in the Templates aplication (a particular website editor, Tools and Settings tab). Remember that you are defining only a template, not its sending. You can define only one Registration E-mail type per one website. Use the E-mail Template Parameters help-site to display personalized data (such as user’s login).

  2. Define the usage of the template:

    1. Run a particular website editor for the website on which you want to define this Registration E-mail Template (select the Website). Go to the Tools and Settings and run the Security application. Here in the E-mails section are the Account E-mails added.

    2. Click the Add button and in the “E-mail Type” field select the Registration. In Template select a Name of the particular E-mail Template you created in the Templates application before.

      • The From Label field defines a name that will be displayed to the customer in the e-mail. Notice that this field can be translated in case you have a multilingual online store.

      • The From field should contain an e-mail address from which this email will be sent. For example an e-mail you use for storing customer support.

      • The Subject field is a subject of this e-mail that is displayed to the customer (together with From Label). For example “Your registration has been successful”.

  3. When you are done, click the Add button and also the Save button in the upper left corner of the Security application. Approve your project and after that your e-mail will be automatically sent to visitors when they register on your website through the Registration form.