Claims is an application located in the Sales module.

A customer has the right to make a claim with that vendor who sold the products to him/her. This application is used for the evidence of claims that arise from orders placed on your online store.

It can used only for your own evidence - it not send e-mails to customers, display particular claim info on the website or anything else. It will be just used to create records of claims and their solutions. You can claim just one particular product (or products) or the order as a whole (you will not select a particular product).

It can be also used by you and your customers together. In that case you have to create new pages in the user portal (for claims overview and claim detail, just as for the list of customer orders). A registered customers can log in and display these pages which allow them to make a claim on a previously realised order and see its progress and final solution. You have to subsequently resolve thus maked claim in the Claims application.

It means that claims can be created in two ways:

  1. Manually through the Claims application using the New button in the toolbar

  2. By the customer in his/her user portal (on the website)

Claim States

  • Received - This is the first and default state of every claim. Claims in this state are waiting for processing (it means you or someone else did not start to work on this claim yet).

  • Pending - This state is used for claims that are currently in progress (you are trying to find the solution, you are waiting for a statement from another department and so on).

  • Rejected - This is a final state of a claim. It means that you did not find the claim justified (you rejected it).

  • Completed - This state means that the claim has been successfully finished. It is a final state used in case where the claim is justified. Within this state you have also select the solution (how was this claim resolved?). There are 4 solutions of a claim and you have to select one of them:

Claim Solutions

  • Discount means that you provided to the customer a sale for his/her order or product he/she claimed.

  • Refund means that you have returned the money a customer paid for the order or product he/she claimed.

  • Repair means that the claimed product has been successfully repaired and returned to the customer.

  • Replacement means that you have sent a brand new product to the customer.

You can easily switch between particular states of a claim in its details.

Claim Reason Types

Claim Reason Types is an application located in the Administration module. It allows you to create partiuclar reason types which are (after you approve the project) available for selection in a claim detail.

This application serves only for management (creation, editing and deletion) of particular reasons. You are unable to work with the claims here.


Remember that you have to approve the project which contains changes in the Claim Reason Types application (Administration module) before you will be able to work with it in the Claims application (Sales module).

Claim Notes

To a particular existing claim can be added notes (on the Notes tab).

A note is a commentary that can be set as internal (visible only in BizBox Admin to you and your co-workers) or external (visible to you, your co-workers and the customer in the user portal) by the Visible setting in its detail. Comments marked as visible can be dispalyed in the user portal.

To add a new note, go to a particular claim detail and add a new one.

Customers can be able to add notes through the user portal too (use the Claim Note widget to make this feature available). Customer’s notes are always marked as visible.

Claim Attachments

If your account use the Claim Attachments addon, you and your customers can attach an image to a parcitular claim.

To add an attachment in BizBox admin, you have to go to the detail of a particular claim and upload it on the Attachment tab, where all existing attachments are displayed. Uploaded attachments are not stored in the File Manager.

Your customer can add an attachment in his/her user profile using the Claim Attachment widget. Thus added attachment is also visible in BizBox admin in the detail of a particular claim on the Attachments tab.

Communicate with Customer

You are able to send an e-mail to the customer directly from the Claims application. Use the Send E-mail button located in the toolbar. A new window appears and you should fill in all required fields, add an attachment if needed and send the e-mail.

You can type a new e-mail content for every claim or prepare a template. Templates are created in the Website Editor in the Templates application. For more info about this template please visit related help-site. If you create the Claim template, you can select it as the E-mail Type in the window used to sent the e-mail to customer.

Export Claims

Claims can be exported directly from the Claims application using the Export button located in the toolbar. A new window will appear and you can select claims for export (selected in data view only, displayed in data view only, only new, all according to applied filters, all or custom). Click the Export button and you export will be prepared. After that you can save it to your computer.

To make this feature work, you need to define the export settings in the Exports application located in the Administration module. Add a new export for Claims (Export Type field) and select a template which will be used to export your claims. Template can be created directly in the export setting using the green plus button next to the Template field. In this template, the claims parameter is available. It contains all information about claims that will be exported. Don’t forget to approve your project.

Create Claim Manually

Claims application is located in the Sales module. It can be used only if you have at least one successfully paid order in the Order application. Without existing paid orders there is nothing to claim because every claim is bound to an existing order.

  1. Run the Claims application and click the New button located in the Toolbar.

  2. Search for the order. For more about order searching please visit related help-site.

  3. Select the claim current state. For a newly created claim, the starting state should be Received. When you create it, you can easily change its state.

  4. Reason Type is used for claims segmentation. The types available here as to be previously defined in the Claim Reason Types application located in the Administration. Create various types of reasons and approve your project. Subsenqently these types will be available in the Claims application.

  5. Reason is an optional field in that you can insert a short description regarding why a customer is claiming this order or a product from it.

  6. Received is a required field that determines when you have received this claim. As a default, the date and time when you clicked the New button has been set.

  7. Completed is a date and time when the claim was solved. For the Completed state this field automatically fills in the current date and time, but you can edit it any time.

  8. Resolved by defines how this claim has been solved. For more information please see the description of particular final states above.

  9. Conclusion is a field for a short description of the solution. Why did you reject it? What was wrong with the claimed product? Is there any information you should connect with this claim?

  10. Replacement Order is a field used to search for an order which arises from this claim. Typically this is replacement order (used in case you have completed the claim with the replacement which means you have send a brand new product to the customer and in this field search for the particular order which contains the new product). It is assumed that you have manually created a new order.

  11. Claim Order - option YES creates a claim for this order without specified products (this can be used if you want to claim the delivery, missing products, etc.). Option NO allows you to select particular products that will be claimed.

  12. Products defines what products and in what quantity are claimed. You can claim all products from the order, only concrete amount or no product at all (you will claim the order as a whole). To define particular products, the Claim Order setting above has to be set to NO.

  13. Click the Create button and the claim will be added to the application.

Work with Claim

If you want to work with a claim (change its state and information), you have to select a particular claim and click the Details button located in the toolbar.

A new tab appears and you can see all details about this claim together with information about the connected order.

On the Products tab, all products from the particular order are displayed together with the number of claimed items.

The Attachments tab is available only for accounts with the Claim Attachment addon enabled.

In the Notes tab all notes connected to this claim are listed. Notes can be add by you (BizBox users) and customers. You can add a new note by clicking the Add button. Every note can be internal (visible only to you and your BizBox co-workers) or public, visible to a particular customer who makes this claim. It will be displayed in the customers (user) profile. Customers can add a note in the user portal.

In the Log tab all changes of this claim are listed together with the creator (BizBox user).

To change the claim state, use one of the buttons in the toolbar. A new window appears according to the state to which you want to switch the claim (you should provide the reason of change).

Edit Claim

In case you want to change the claimed products, received date or information about the claim reason, please select a particular claim and click the Edit button located in the toolbar.

You are not able to change the source order used to define this claim.