Notifications is an application located in the Administration module.

Notifications are used to send you an e-mail with information about some new story or event on your online store, such as a new order, paid order or in the case of new user registers. This feature can keep you informed without having to sign into BizBox. The usage of notifications can save your time and boost your productivity.

It is really simple. At first, you have to create templates for e-mails you want to send in the Templates application. This is absolutely the same as any other e-mail template in BizBox (they are usually connected with your customers, such as Registration or Order Confirmation e-mails).

In the notification template you can use only the info about the order (in case you create a notification about an order) or about a user (in case you create a notification about users). Use the parameters for e-commerce templates. Then you will set up how the notifications will be sent. In case you don’t want to define special templates, you can use our base templates. They contain all necessary information.

For notifications about orders (or enquiries and offers) can be set conditions. Conditions define under which circumstances will be the notification sent:


It evaluates E-shop Settings used for the order creation.

Order State

It evaluates particular state of the order.

Order Type

It evaluates the type of the order.


It evaluates the website on which the order has been created.


It evaluates the order’s origin country.

Delivery Method

It evaluates delivery method used for the order.

Payment Method

It evaluates payment method used for the order.


It evaluates if the order contains a particular item.

Total Items

It evaluates the number of items on the order.


It evaluates if the order contains a product connected with the selected supplier. The available list of suppliers contains all records defined in the supplier’s application. For the evaluation, the list of all suppliers connected to all products from the order is used.

The function of conditions defined here are the same for the conditions used in sales. There is only a shortlist of offered condition rules.

List of Notifications

  • Album Thumbnails Updated

  • Check Payment Notifications - send daily (6:05 GMT)

  • Insufficient Stock Quantity - send daily (4:00 GMT) - it is sent periodically every day. Contains a list of products whose stock is below the set limit.

  • Insufficient Stock Quantity After Order Creation - it will be sent if the inventory drops below the specified quantity with order creation.

  • New Claim

  • New Enquiry

  • New Order

  • New Partner

  • New Product Discussion

  • New Product Discussion Commentary

  • New Product Rating

  • New Product Rating Vote

  • New Product Rating Commentary

  • New Product Rating Vote

  • New User

  • New User Order

  • Unresolved Claim - send daily (7:00 GMT)

  • Offer Accepted

  • Order Payment Canceled

  • Order Payment Failed

  • Paid Order

  • Paid User Order

  • Registered Customer’s First Order Notification - this notification is send only once per registered user - when his/her first order is placed. It is never send for non-registered users.

  • Partner’s First Order Notification - this notification is send only once per partner - when his/her first order is placed. It is never send for non-partners.

Create a new Notification Template

At first, you have to create a new notification template according to its purpose:

  1. Run one of your Websites and go to the Tools and Settings tab.

  2. Run the Templates application and click the Add button located in the toolbar.

  3. Fill in all required fields. For more info about Templates, please visit the related help-site.

  4. Code the Template. You are able to use special parameters according to the Template type - please see the related help-site to discover more about this topic.

  5. Approve the Project with this Template - this is necessary in order to be able to assign this newly created Template to a notification rule.

Create a new Notification Rule

Now it’s time to create the Notification rule. Notification rules’ changes are not a part of the project. They become active immediately.

  1. Go to the Administration module and run the Notifications application. Here you will set up the sending of e-mails.

  2. Click the new button and create a new notification.

  3. Define the Type (what action should occur) and the Event (what event has to happen for execution of the type defined above).

  4. Fill in all required fields.

  5. Name is an internal name of this rule. It is never visible to anyone (except your colleagues from BizBox Admin, of course).

  6. Comment is an internal short description of this notification. As the Name above - it is never visible to anyone outside BizBox.

  7. Event defines what has to happen to activate this notification.

  8. Active button defines the activity of the notification.

  9. Type cannot be changed here, you defined it along with the creation of a new notification. It defines the type of action that will occur.

  10. On the second tab you can define the rules for sending.

  11. Users displays all users from BizBox Admin and you can specify to whom the email will be sent.

  12. Addresses allows you to define any other e-mail address to which the email will be sent.

  13. Subject is the subject of the e-mail. In subject, you are able to use Twig marks. All parameters available in the e-mail are also available for the subject.

  14. From defines the sender of the e-mail.

  15. From Label defines the name of this e-mail sender.

  16. Save the notification. You don’t need to approve the Project, notifications become active immediately, without any delays.