Cash Register Orders

The Cash Register Orders is an application located in the Sales module. It allows you to sell in person (for example in a retail store).

Cash Register Orders application is available only on accounts with the Cash Register addon.

Create a New Cash Register Orders

To create a new cash register order go to the application and click the New button in the toolbar. A new window will appear. Settings (default currency, default zone, default customer tax category, default delivery service, default language and default locale) for a new order are taken from the E-shop Settings (Cash Register Settings section). You can change these settings for particular order by clicking the Settings button located in the right upper corner. Here the values for the next created order can be changed.


BizBox remembers this settings and automatically applies them to the next order.

In the new order window search for a product you want to add on the order. Use the name, code or EAN code. You can restrict your search only to active products, products with price and/or products which are currently on the stock. If you work with EAN codes in your product catalog you can also use the barcode scanner. Select particular product, change the quantity and click the add button. Repeat until all products from the customer’s order are listed in the upper section of the window.

Products added on the order can be changed: click the little cog wheel on the row with product info. Here the quantity, unit, unit price, gross price and product tax category can be changed.


If the added product has no price defined, you have to edit this product (see above) and insert its price and product tax category.

After the products are all listed on the order, click the Cash or Payment Card button (depending on how the customer wants to pay). When you click one of these buttons, the order will be created.

  • Cash - in the appeared window fill in the amount the customer has paid. The amount to return will be counter below. When the transaction is done, click the Paid button.

  • Payment Card - in the appeared window click the Paid button when the transaction is done.

Process the payment and mark the order as paid (or click the cancel button). When the order is paid, the payment will be notified in the connected registration of sale service and the sales receipt PDF document will be generated. After the payment an issue is generated and particular products will be issued from the stock (in case you use stock management).

When the order is finished (paid of canceled), the window in which a new order can be created will be automatically displayed.


You can display a daily report from your cash register in the Cash Register Amounts application.