Audit Records

Audit Records is an application located in the Administration module. Here you’ll find system and custom export logs by which it is possible to obtain sensitive customer data.

For each record, you can see the date, the user, the audit record type (such as Orders Custom Export, Invoices PDF Export,…), used export setting and template (if used).


Consents is an application located in the Administration module. It allows you to create particular consents with which the visitor/customer can agree (or disagree) on the web. For information on how to use the content on you website, please visit this page.

To create a new consent, click the New button in the toolbar. Fill in all required fields:

  • Name of the consent.

  • Internal Name of the consent - it is used to identify the consent in the website code.

  • Consent Text is the text of agreement (that the user/customer agrees).

  • Form Input is the input type which will be used on the website.

Optional fields are:

  • Explanation may be displayed along with the consent text. This is a detailed explanation of consent.

  • Checked is available for the Required Checkbox and Optional Checkbox Form Inputs only. Set to YES if you want to pre-check this checkbox on the website.

  • Record Repeatedly determines whether the consent will be renewed (set to YES as default).

  • Revocable determines whether the user/customer can revoke the consent (set to NO as default).

  • Application allows you to select an application with which is the consent connected:

    • Newsletter - if the user agrees, it will be added to the selected newsletter.

    • Order Rating - if the user agrees, his/her order will be tracked (typically used for Heureka, Zboží and various marketing and tracking services).

Consents Overview

Consents Overview is an application located in the Sales module.

In this app you will find all the website visitors’/customers’ consents. You can view the details of each consent for more detailed information (email, person, granted date, revoked date, IP address and more).