External Sales Channels

Application in the External Sales Channels are used to define offers for external channels.


Aukro does not allow to test your offers. There is no preview mode.


If you want to sell your products in Aukro (Czech sales portal), you need to define:

  1. Aukro settings in the Administration module in the Account Settings application.

  2. Delivery Services Mapping - here you need to define which delivery methods can be used in Aukro together with its price.

  3. Product Categories mapping - it defines to which category will be particular products in Aukro added.

  4. Custom Properties (Product Groups) mapping.

The Aukro addon has to be allowed for your account.

Aukro Orders

If a customer has created an order through Aukro, an usual order will be created in BizBox (with product reservations). In this order detail you can see the origin of this order (on the first tab in the Order Information section is as the Order origin Aukro listed).

This order is processed as an usual order originated from the website.

Set Up Your Aukro Sales

Aukro Settings

In the Account Settings application (Administration module) is available the Aukro External Channel section. If you want to use Aukro as an external sales channel, you have to define its settings here:

  • City - insert the name of the city in which is your branch located.

  • Postal Code - insert the postal code of the city in which is your branch located.

  • Region - select the region of the city in which is your branch located.

  • Use Aukro Shop - define if you are using the Aukro Shop (this is Aukro setting; go to your Aukro account for more information).

  • Customer Tax Category - select one of the customer tax categories from your tax settings. It defines which customer tax category will be applied on orders originated from Aukro.

  • API Key - insert the API key (it is available in your Aukro account).

  • Username - insert your Aukro username.

  • Password - insert your Aukro password.

Aukro Delivery Services Mapping

Go to the Administration module and run the Delivery Services Mapping application (it is located in the External Sales Channels section). Here the Aukro settings are available. Select it and click the Edit button.

All available Aukro delivery methods are displayed in the left column. If you want to allow your customers to use it, you have to activate it and select a BizBox delivery service which corresponds with the activated Aukro method. You also have to insert its product tax category and first item price (the delivery price). Optionally you can fill in the price per next item in the order and insert how many items can be in one order (package), because an aukro-customer can buy more items from your offers in one order.

Automatic Approach

BizBox will generate Aukro offers according to the categories and products mapping documented below.

Categories Mapping

For every category which products you intend to sell in Aukro has to be defined its Aukro category. Please see the category mapping help-site. If you need, you can set the Aukro category directly on particular product (use the External Mapping button in the toolbar in the Products application).

Custom Properties Mapping

Most of the Aukro categories require some properties to be defined. For example a product state (new/used) or its brand. You need to define the value of these properties. Without it you won’t be able to create an Aukro offer.

To map properties, you need to have defined:

  • Product Variants for every required Aukro property (such as the state with values New and Used or particular brands),

  • Product Group with assigned product variants.

Go to the Product Group application and select a group which contains products you intend to sell. Click the External Mapping button in the toolbar. In the new window select the Aukro mapping and a particular category for which you want to create this mapping (such as Oblečení, Obuv a Doplňky -> Dámské boty -> Sandály, pantofle, žabky).

Now you have to pair particular custom properties which the product group has defined. Properties which must be defined in order to create the Aukro auction are bold.

For particular properties from BizBox select an appropriate property from Aukro values. After you select it, you will pair its values. Example: for the Stav zboží (Aukro property) you have selected custom property State (particular product variant which values New and Used). Every product you want to sell should have defined this properties on the Custom Properties tab.

Now click the small cog wheel icon on the right and select Value Variant Mapping. On the left side of the window are BizBox values, on the right side are Aukro values (which you have to pair). Save your settings. Repeat it until all required (bold) properties are defined.

Auto mapping button (located in the toolbar of the mapping window) will compare the values from BizBox and Aukro. If a match will be found, an Aukro value will be filled in.

Default Value - if you select a value here, it will be used as the Aukro value for all properties without selected values.


You can display particular mapped values for a single product. Go to the Products application and select a product for which you want to display its mapped values. Click the External Product Values button in the toolbar. In the window all mapping is displayed. Displayed values can be changed directly in this window (remember that these changes will affect the whole product group mapping, not only the single displayed product).

Manual Approach

For the manual approach there is no need to map anything. When the offer is created (below), on the first tab set the Set Offer Parameter Values flag to YES. The las tab Field Properties will be available. Here the category and all properties can be selected. With the offer you work identically as defined below. Remember:

  • Parameters set on the last Field Properties tab are common for all products from the offer.

  • If you will generate offers and change the settings on the last Field Properties tab, you have to generate the offers again. To Aukro only the last generated offers are send.

Aukro Offers

Offers are created in the Aukro application located in the Sales module in the External Sales Channels section. Here the particular offers are (or will be) available. Thanks to offers, particular auctions are generated and published on Aukro.

Click the New button. A new tab with a new offer will appear:

General Tab

  • Name - insert the name of the offer. It is used only in BizBox (it is never visible to customers).

  • Internal Name - insert the internal name of the offer. It has to be unique within the Aukro application (it is used only in BizBox and it is never visible to customers).

  • State - current state of the offer. It cannot be edited, used only for informative purposes.

  • E-shop Settings - select the E-shop Settings which will be used for orders created from this offer.

  • Template - Select the template (visual appearance) for your offers. Template has to be previously created in the Templates application in the Website Editor.

  • Active - Define the activity of this offer settings. If the validity period is not set, this setting will become active without any restriction.

  • Valid From - Enter the start date of the setting activity. If you leave this field blank, the activity will be not time-limited.

  • Valid Until - Enter the end date of the setting activity. If you leave this field blank, the activity will be not time-limited.

  • Currency - Select the currency in which will be the offers created.

  • Units per Product - Set maximum quantity for generated offers.

  • Offer Length - Select for how many days will be the offers created. Remember that 30 days and Until Sold Out are available only for Aukro Shop account type.

  • Maximal Number of Images - Select the maximal number of images that will be added tot he offers (big images will be used, if there is not enough big images for a product, gallery images will be used instead). Remember that additional images can be a paid feature.

  • Price Rate - Define the price which will be used for offers as a percentage. 100 % means that the current price will be used.

  • Set Offer Parameter Values - Set to YES if you want to set all offer parameters manually. If not, the mapping set for particular product group will be used instead.

Source Products

On this tab, the products which you intend to sell have to be selected.

Click the Add button and select the particular Products or Product Categories from your products catalog and category trees.

To all products selected here will be created a separate offer (selected product will be sold per product, not together as a bundle). The same for a category selected: an offer will be created per every product from this category.

A product you want to offer on Aukro:

  • must be active,

  • must have defined price in a pricelist,

  • must have set the Aukro category to which it belongs (it is defined for the product category to which this product belongs; or on particular product detail).

Save this setting and open it again. After this, the Generate Offers button will be available. Click it and new offers will be created. Please see the log from generating, it contains information about problems with generating (settings, product properties mapping, …).

Aukro Offers

On this tab, the generated offers are displayed. At least one product has to be selected on the Source Products tab in order to create an offer.

Click the Generate Offers tab and new offers (according to the Source Products tab) will be generated. The Skip currently published products flag allows you to skip those products for which the active offer currently exists (these products are skipped over this offer). Please see the log from generating, it contains information about problems with generating (settings, product properties mapping, …).

We recommend you to check all generated offers (use the button Check Offers in the toolbar) - Aukro has specific limitation in offer name. It this check will reveal a problem, you are able to edit the offer (such as change its name). If thievery is OK, you can publish your offers (use the Publish Offers button in the toolbar).

An offer can be canceled:

  • Use the button Finish Offers if there it at least one order from the published offers. The offer will be finished and all created orders are active and valid.

  • Use the button Cancel Offers if there exists no order originated from the published offers. The offers will be canceled.

Field Properties

This tab is available only if the setting Set Offer Parameter Values on the first tab is set to YES.

On this tab you have to select Aukro category to which products you intend to sell in this offer belongs and values for particular Aukro parameters.

Remember that all parameters set on this tab will be used for all products (offers) from the Source Products tab.


If you want to publish an offer which is already finished (or canceled), create its copy and generate and publish particular offers.