Branches application allows you to define particular branches of your company, which sells your products in individual zones (countries or regions). It is located in the Administration module.

Branches are responsible for dispatching orders that customers made on your e-shop. Branches are connected with zones. For every zone, you can define a branch that is responsible for it and that will dispatch all orders from customers, which are taking orders from that zone. This kind of connection can be set only in the E-shop Settings (located in the Administration module), where you connect particular zone (or zones) with one responsible branch.

In order to define a new branch you need to have defined at least one currency (in the Currencies application located in the Administration module).

Every branch should have at least one bank account defined. You can always display it on the Invoice, Proforma Invoice or Credit Note (use the parameter {{ order.branch.accountNumber }} in the order, e-mails and e-shop templates).

You can also add more bank accounts according to the zone in which you are selling - in the properly created e-mails and e-shop templates, the bank information will be automatically displayed according to the customer’s zone.

You can also specify the currency of the account. It is the same as with the zone. The right bank account (according to the used currency) is always used and displayed to the customer (you can have more bank accounts per one zone if they differ in the assigned currency).

Create or Edit a Branch

Run the Branch application and click the New button or select an existing record and click the Edit button.

General Tab

The General tab allows you to define basic info about the branch. Name (required) is the name of the Branch that can be visible to visitors. It can also be displayed on the Invoice and other documents and e-mails. The Internal Name has to be unique within the Branch application. The Internal Name is never visible to visitors and serves only for internal purposes. The other required fields define the address of the Branch.

Optional fields contains contact information for customers (Support E-mail, Support Phone, Website and Logo). Logo adds the logo of your branch. It is necessary to upload this file into File Manager first.

The Default Bank Information fields allows you to insert bank information of the branch. If you need, you can define as many banks as you need on the Other Banks tab. This is very suitable when you are selling in several currencies and you want to provide the bank information depending on the customer’s zone and currency.


The Accounting tab allows you to set the payment of Value Added Tax. The First flag defines if you are a VAT payer. The other fields serve for your accounting identification, including tax identity, extra tax identity, identification number, legal notice and the home currency of the branch.

Other Settings

Select the home currency of this branch and define the Price Calculation Method (how will be the value added tax counted):

  • Czech Republic - Value Added Tax Act - for the value added tax calculation (for both prices with or without gross price) will be the coefficient rounded according to the Czech Legislation (Value Added Tax); the coefficient will be rounded to 4 decimal places.

  • Default - without rounding - for the value added tax calculation (for both prices with or without gross price) the coefficient will not be rounded.

Sales in Foreign Currency

Sales in Foreign Currency settings are applied only on orders which are created in a foreign currency (a currency that is different from the home currency defined in the Home Currency field). It is used for the tax summary count on orders’ documents (such as invoices, proforma invoices and credit notes).

  • Exchange Rate Table Group - select particular exchange rate group used for foreign currencies calculations.

  • Rounding - define the rounding used for foreign currencies calculations.

Other Banks

On the Other Banks tab, all other banks you want to connect with this branch can be added and displayed on the invoice and other documents. Remember that these are not the payment gateway settings! This is only information about the branch, and the payment gateways are not influenced by it. To set more bank accounts, go to the Other Banks tab and click the Add button. Fill in the bank’s name, account number, bank code, swift, IBAN and (for the purposes of your accounting software) account identifier. Select the currency for which this bank will be used as well as the zones.

VAT Classification

The VAT Classification tab is used to set up the tax counting for various zones and tax categories. It is mostly used for the purposes of your accounting software.

Save the Branch record. Approve the Project in which you have performed these changes.