How to Edit an Order

You can change all orders - the customer info, bought products, discounts and payment and delivery settings.

You can change the order in other states as well, but remember that other services (such as stock or delivery service) is still working with old data. You need to give them the new (changed) information.

How to change a customer’s order?

If you need to make some changes on order, you are able to perform this action in the Sales module in the Orders application.

A typical problem can be that your customer inserted incorrect information (for example a delivery address or phone or any other required info) or ordered the wrong products. You can simply fix these problems by order editing.


For orders whose issue is issued or dispatched, only the first order tab can be edited. If you want to edit the entire order, you must re-open the issue.

Run the Sales module and the Orders application. Locate the order you want to change, select it and click the Edit button in the toolbar. Change the information you need, and save the record. After that the order is successfully changed. You are able to change the whole order, for more info see information about particlar tabs you can work with.


You can also apply the Accounting Lock on your orders, so only users with the Administrator role will be able to edit them after a defined period of time will expire. It is used to prevent possible changes for orders that has been added to your accounting so all changes on them are potentially unwanted.

Is there a difference between selling to legal persons (companies) and natural persons?

Yes. The difference is in the taxation that depends on a country you sell in and in the information a customer (company or natural person) provides to you. For a company, you should probably work with VAT ID and a company name (for the taxation purposes). You are able to define the Customer Tax Categories in the Administration module. This application allows you to define particular persons that can place orders on your online store.

How to send an Offer

We assume that you have a functional catalog and customers are able to place Enquiries through it.


Usually, to create a new Offer, you need an Enquiry which the Offer is based on. You are also able to create a new Offer manually in the Sales module in the Offers application. In this tutorial, we focus only on the creation of an Offer from an existing Enquiry. For more information about how to create a new Offer manually, please visit the related help-site.

  1. Go to the Sales module and run the Enquiries application.

  2. Select the Enquiry to which you want to create the Offer and click the Details button.

  3. Click the “Make Offer” button located in the toolbar. A new window appears.

  4. Check the customer information and click the Create button. A new Offer will be created.

  5. Go to the Offers application (located in the Sales module). Here you can see the newly created Offer.

  6. Select it and click the Detail button located in the toolbar.

  7. Now you can send this Offer to a customer. Click the Send Offer button located in the toolbar. A new window appears.

  8. This window is used to set up the e-mail that will be send to a customer. In the Content field the HTML version of the e-mail is displayed (taken from the Offer E-mail template connected to a particular E-shop Settings) which can be changed according to your needs. You can also change the Sender and Recipient (customer) information. At the bottom of the window the attachments are displayed. In case you have defined the Offer PDF for this E-shop Settings, you can see it here. You can also click the Preview button and display the Offer document (in case you are in the Development Mode).

  9. Click the Sent E-mail button and you will have successfully sent the Offer to the Customer.

How to Create a New Offer Manually

In BizBox you are able to create a new Offer directly as a response to an existing Enquiry but you are also able to create a new Offer manually (without dependence on an existing Enquiry).

To create a new Offer manually, go to the Sales module and run the Offers application. Here click the New button. A new window appears. In case you create this Offer for a customer who exists in BizBox, you can start by typing his/her name or e-mail into the field above. If the customer has never requested anything on your catalog, you need to fill in the 4 fields below.

Country defines the customer’s country. Website is used to distinguish which e-shop setting will be used for this Offer. Culture and Currency fields defines the language and currency of this Offer. Click the Continue button.

On the first General tab insert all information about the customer. On the second Products tab add all Products from your catalog which you want to insert in this Offer (together with the offered price). Last Discounts tab is used in case you want to use a monetary discount for this Offer).

Click the Create button, window disappears and the Offer is created (you can see it in the Offers application). From now on you can work with this Offer as with any other Offer in this application (regardless its origin).

How to Change Products on an Order

You have to go to the Sales module and run the Orders application. Here locate the Order you want to change and click the Edit button. A new window appears. Here, on the second Products tab you can see all the products a customer ordered. You can edit, cancel and add new ones. After you have placed all the changes you wanted to, click the save button.

If it is not possible to edit the products, it means that the issue has already been completed for the given order. Therefore, go to the Issues application (Products module) and reopen the issue for the given order.

How to Change Customer’s Info

You have to go to the Sales module and run the Orders application. Here, on the first General tab you can clearly see all the information the customer provided. If you want to change it, use the Customer button located in the toolbar. Click it and change all the info you want to. This change will be also used in the Contacts application. It means that the customer’s record will be changed automatically.

When your customers buy something and finish (place) an order on your online store, the order itself automatically appears in the Orders application.

The next work with a placed order can be very different depending on how your online store is organized, what type of payment and delivery the customer selected and of course it also depends on the ordered products.

Usually, the life of an order can look like this:

  1. A customer places an order through the Checkout. The customer is no longer able to change it. At this point, only you can make changes to the order. Problems can typically occur with incomplete customer info or with wrong ordered products. It means that you should check the order and when in doubt, contact the customer. Sometimes the customer itself contacts you and demands changes. For more info about how to change the order visit related help-sites.

  2. According to the payment method the customer selected, you will wait for the payment or go directly to the next step.

    • Bank Transfer - In case the customer decides to use a Bank Transfer, you will wait until this payment will be credited to your bank account. If you are using the Reports applications, it can be matched automatically, if not, you have to mark the order as paid manually. After that a Purchase Confirmation E-mail is send to the customer.

    • Cash on Delivery - In this case you can start dispatching the order. If you are using an external provider (a stock service), order with Cash on Delivery payment method is automatically sent to the stock. It means you don’t need to do anything in this case.

    • Credit Card - If the customer uses an online payment, it will be automatically added to the order itself (you can see it on the Payments tab when see the order detail). This is done automatically by default - you don’t have to do anything and the payment is matched with the order. After that a Purchase Confirmation E-mail is sent to the customer.

  3. According to the order state you can see, if you should dispatch the order. In case you are using a stock service to dispatch your orders, you don’t need to do anything. In case the ordered Products are in an electronic form and you have set your dispatch to send them automatically to customer’s e-mail address, you don’t have to do anything else. In case of physical goods or services, you need to dispatch them manually. These orders will also appear in the Manual Dispatch application (it is the last application in the Order Management section), so you can see which orders should be dispatched to customers. You need to pack and send them. After the customer (or used shipping company) gives you information about the successful delivery, you can mark this order as delivered. It will be added to the Order application and you can see this order as delivered.

You are able to change the customers info really easily with the Customer button located in the toolbar. Remember that if you are using an external stock service for dispatching your orders, these changes can be done before you will send the order to this service. You can also edit the whole order and change the info here.

If you want to change the ordered Products, you need to edit the whole order. Here you can freely change all ordered products. Remember that only newly created (prepared) orders can be changed like that.

If you want to modify an order after it is processed, you have to cancel it, create a copy of it where you will use the changes you want to.