Price Offer E-mail

Price Offer E-mail is a special type of e-mail that is sent to a customer from the Orders application (from particular order detail) in case you have manually created an order (you want to prepare and offer an order to a customer) and now you need to send it to the customer who can accept it (place it and it becomes a normal order).

Price Offer E-mail is used in combination with the Special Page Place Offer Order (that has to contain the Order Payment Widget). The connection between this page (and Widget), a particular order and the e-mail is in the paymentUrl parameter. It means you have to insert this parameter {{ paymentUrl }} into the code of the e-mail.

The final rendered e-mail that the customer will find in his/her inbox will contain a URL address that redirects the customer to the Place Offer Order Special Page that contains the Order Payment Widget which allows the customer to accept or decline this offered order.

Remember that the layout and visual appearance of the e-mail is your own choice. Only the {{ paymentUrl }} parameter is necessary for proper function of this feature.

Create a Price Offer E-mail

  1. Go to a particular website editor and run the Templates application. Click the New button and create a new template for the Price Offer E-mail type. Feel free to change this template according to your needs and remember, that you have to insert the {{ paymentUrl }} parameter into it to make it work. This parameter generates a URL address to the particular order detail. Here the customer can accept or decline the order and also change the information you have defined for the order.

  2. When you are done, you need to assign this template to the E-shop Settings. Go to the Administration module and run the E-shop Settings application. Select the particular record for which you want to add the e-mail which was created in the first step (according to the zone in which you are selling). Click the Edit button and locate to the E-mails tab. Click the Add button and select the Price Offer E-mail type and the concrete template you have created. Add other info such as sender e-mail, name and other fields.

  3. Save the changes. When you have successfully added the Order Payment Widget (and set up the Place Offer Special Page), you can create and send offers to your customers!