Payment Reminder E-mail

Payment Reminder e-mail is intended to be sent to your customer a few days after the due date on the invoice. This process is not automatic, you have to send this e-mail manually. To be able to send this e-mail, you have to assign this e-mail template to a particular E-shop Settings (located in the Administration module). It means that you can have different Payment Reminder E-mails for different E-shop Settings.

Payment Reminder E-mail is one of the e-mail types you are able to send to your customers. It is meant to inform customers of being overdue with their payment.

To be able to send this e-mail you have to fulfil the following steps:

  1. Create a template of this e-mail in the website editor in the Templates application.

  2. Add the created template to a particular E-shop Settings (in the Administration module). Remember that you will be able to send this e-mail only to customers who created their order using this E-shop Settings.

  3. Display the details of the order about which you would to like to email a customer a reminder e-mail. In the toolbar, the button is named Send E-mail. Click on it, set it up and send the Payment Reminder e-mail.