Offer Confirmation E-mail

Offers are usually created from Enquiries but you are also able to create a new offer manually in the Offers appliction. Offer is sent to potential customer who have expressed an interest in your products and services by sending an Enquiry. Sending an Offer is always a manual process, you are not able to do this automatically (like sending the Enquiry Confirmation E-mail). It means that you have to go to the Sales module, run the Enquiries application and select particular Enquiry for which you want to create an Offer and send it to the customer in the next step.

Offer is a pre-order. It is offering your products and services (with prices) based on the Enquiry a customer placed through your website (online catalog). The Offer e-mail should also contain an Offer PDF (a document with the information and products you are offering to the customer together with the final price). The customer is able to accept or decline this order on your website in the :User Portal. There should be defined special pages containing all Enquiries, Offers and Orders the customer has made. And in the detail of an Offer should be located accept and decline buttons. Insert a link to the e-mail which leads to the Offers in the User Portal (a place where the customer can accept or decline the Offer).

Offer Access

To create a link to the offer detail, you need to go to the E-shop Settings. On the Advanced tab is Order Access setting. Follow the tutorial in the E-shop Settings.

Offer E-mail is a template that will be assigned to a particular E-shop Settings:

  1. Define the usage of the Offer template.

    1. Navigate to the Administration and run E-shop Settings. Here, on the E-mails tab, add created template.

    2. Click the Add button and in the E-mail Type field select the Offer. In Template select a Name of the particular E-mail Template you have created.

      • The From Label field defines a name that will be displayed to the customer in the e-mail. Notice that this field can be translated in case you have a multilingual online store.

      • The From field should contain an e-mail address from which this email will be sent. For example an e-mail you use for storing customer support.

      • The Subject field is a subject of this e-mail that is displayed to the customer (together with From Label). For example Your order on our online store has been received.

      • The To field is automatically filled in with e-mail that your customer provided to you during the checkout process. Cc and Bcc fields should optionally contain another e-mail addresses to that you want to send copies of those e-mails.

    3. When you are done, click the Add button (and the Save button in the toolbar) and your e-mail will be automatically sent when a customer orders something from your online store (don’t forget to approve the project!).

  2. Add an attachment. You can add an attachment - the Offer PDF. For the e-mail added is available the attachment icon on the right side on each e-mail record. Click it and select the Offer document.