Enquiry E-mail

Enquiry Confirmation E-mail is an important part of the Enquiry settings. This e-mail is automatically sent to a customer at the moment he/she places the Enquiry through your online catalog. Online catalog is basically the same as an online store, but customers are not able to buy anything. They can only create Enquiries (also known as demands or requests), from which are created offers (by you). In case a customer accepts it, an order can be created. An important part of the Enquiry Confirmation E-mail is an Enquiry PDF. It is a document used to define particular demanded products together with information about the customer.

Enquiry e-mail needs a template (to define the visual appearance) that will be assigned to the E-shop Settings.

  1. Templates are created in the website editor in Templates application.

  2. Here click the New button and name your new template.

  3. Fill in a short description, which will be used only for your own purposes and better orientation in BizBox. In the Type field select “Enquiry Confirmation E-mail”.

  4. The Base Template field will be filled in automatically. We have prepared a default template which can be easily edited. We hope this will help you, because here you can see most of the parameters you are able use in this template type.

  5. The Language field is used to define in which language this template has been created. It is important in case your website is multilingual. Thanks to this you can easily export and import translations. We highly recommend you to use this field correctly.

  6. Click the Add button.

  7. On the General tab are all the settings you have set up in the previous step. You can change them if needed.

  8. The second Content tab contains the code of this template. Feel free to change it according to your needs. Remember the parameters are in curly braces. Parameters carry information about a particular customer, connected branch and demanded products and services. It means that in the e-mail, there won’t be any double curly braces. Instead of this, particular information (customer’s name for example) will be displayed. Parameters are used to personalize the e-mail. We have also predefined a visual style. It is really easy to change it (see the styles defined in the beginning of the template).

  9. Save your changes.

  10. When you are done, you need to assign this template to E-shop Settings.


To be able to test your template, you have to assign it to the E-shop Settings first.

Don’t forget about the Development Mode. In development mode you can create one Enquiry (manually in the Sales module in the Enquiry application or use the Preview mode and create one Enquiry directly through the website) and then you are able to use the Preview button in the edition window of the Template. A new window appears and you can see what your Template looks like. Of course you can also test this Template in Preview mode. To make the testing work you have to assign this template to the E-shop Settings first.

  1. Go to the Administration module, run the E-shop Settings application and edit the particular E-shop Settings that are responsible for your online catalog for which you have created this template.

  2. Navigate to the E-mails tab, click the Add button and in the E-mail Type field select the e-Enquiry Confirmation. The template field below should contain the e-mail you have created earlier.

  3. Fill in the From Label (it defines from who is the email send, so you can fill in the name of your catalog or something like that), From field (an e-mail address of the sender – you) and the Subject. Optionally, you can send cc and bcc copies to someone (to yourself for example). Click the Add button and save the E-shop Settings. Now will be this e-mail automatically send after a new e-Enquiry will be placed on your website.

  4. Now you probably need to define the Enquiry PDF, which can be assigned as the attachment of this e-mail. It should contain information about the demanded products.