• Discounts can be applied on an order as a whole (with included payment, delivery, handling and packing prices), on an order without shipping fees (these fees are paid by the customer) or can be used as a discount that guarantees only a free shipping. If you create a Rate Discount (defined by a percentage that will be discounted), prices for payment and delivery methods will also be discounted.

  • Discounts are automatically calculated in the cart.

  • You can create the X for the price of Y voucher (the cheapest product on the order will be for free).

  • You can restrict discounts only to particular products - you can select them manually or make a dynamic rule that the discount will be valid only for products that are currently on stock, have particular price and so on.

  • Discount availability can be limited to Zones.

  • You can create as many discounts as you want!

How to Create a Discount

Discounts are created in the Pricing module in the Discounts application. To be able to use the Discount on your online store, you have to fulfil prerequisites below:

  • Functional online store - this is vital. Without an online store you will not be able to use Discounts.

  • The Discount itself - you have to define the amount of the sale, application rules and restrictions

  • Checkout Overview and Invoice - You should let your customer know about the applied sale. You can display it on the checkout overview, on the Invoice or in the order and purchase confirmation e-mails.

What is the main difference between Vouchers and Discounts?

A Voucher has a code. A customer has to insert this code during the checkout process to get the discount. A Discount has a condition (or more conditions). A customer has to fulfil this condition in order to get the sale price. Discounts are used as a part of various campaigns and marketing competitions.

How to create a new Discount?

Discounts are created in the Pricing module in the Discounts application.

  1. Run the Discounts application and click the New button located in the toolbar.

  2. A new tab with the newly created Discount record will be automatically opened.

  3. On the first General tab you have to define all the required fields which define the Discount itself and also the sale that will be applied in case a customer fulfils all conditions.

  4. If you want to discount only selected products, use the Discounted Products setting. The Discouted Products tab will be available and you must select particular products on which will be this discount applied. This tab is used in case you want to restrict the application of the Discount only to particular Products or Product Categories.

  5. In case you are using more currencies on your online store, you can define their application on the Other Currencies tab. If you want to create absolutely different Discounts for different Currencies, you can create another new Discount for various Zones and Currencies.

  6. Click the last Conditions tab and create all the Conditions you want to use for evaluation of this Discount. See below for more info.

  7. When you are done with the settings, you have to approve the Project in which you created this Discount and it will become active immediately (according to the activity settings on the General tab). You can also test your discount in the Preview mode.

How to create a new Condition?

  1. Click the Conditions tab and define all conditions you want. The first Condition Group is displayed here as a default. It defines how the particular Condition (or Conditions) you add below will be evaluated.

  2. Click the green plus button and select a new Condition and define how it will be evaluated.

  3. You can define as many Conditions as you need.

How to display used Discount on the Invoice?

You should display the used Discount on the Invoice. All connected Vouchers and Discounts are available in the object order.discounts.

  1. Go to a Website and run the Templates application.

  2. Edit the Invoice you are currently using on your online store (the one which is assigned to the particular E-shop Setting).

  3. Here you can display a particular Discount as follows. This code displays all used discounts and also the vouchers. It means that you don’t need to edit the Checkout Overview Widget twice if you want to use Vouchers and Discounts together:

    {% for cartDiscount in cart.discounts %}
                      <td>{{ }} <br/>{{ cartDiscount.voucherCode }}</td>
                      <td>{{ cartDiscount.taxInclusiveAmount|local_money( cart.priceInfo.currencySymbol ) }}</td>
                      <td>{{ cartDiscount.taxAmount|local_money( cart.priceInfo.currencySymbol ) }}</td>
                      <td>{{ cartDiscount.taxInclusiveAmount|local_money( cart.priceInfo.currencySymbol ) }}</td>
    {% endfor %}
  4. Save the template and approve the Project in which you have performed these changes.